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    Great, you are reading this, so you have made it through registration, login and enrolling to this demo! Congratulations and welcome to the crashprogram: Introduction to Using the Academy (IAD13025). (the alphanumeric tag is the a unique identifier of the course in the system).

    This course is a quick introduction to using the Academy. It is in CrashCourse format, which is one of the key course formats adopted in the Academy (another key format is the longer lasting DeepDive course). If you want to learn more about the different formats why don't you check out the general FAQ available in the front page)

    The area you are now reading is the Course Dashboard. Its the "header" element in all courses and contains resources that help you make the most out of your course.

    One of the most important resources in the Dashboard is the Course Factsheet which is linked below. Why don't you go ahead and check out the facts about this course and then come back here?

    Good. You may have found out there are many ways to "go back". Clicking the browser back button, or by following links for the menu's to the right.

    Another typical Dashboard element is the Course Forum. This is where news about the course are announced so its a good idea to check when you log in. Why don't check to see what posts are currently available of the Demo Course?

  • Step 1: Navigation

    Information and resources to help you master the different areas around the Academy

    In the first (or orientation step) your learning target is typically to prepare yourself for tackling successfully the core course material. There is usually a suggested workplan, the course factsheet, a course FAQ and the Academy Manual. If you feel uncertain about any important aspect surrounding the course it is best to contact the instructor before starting the course. This demo this step takes you through the main navigation elements of the Academy.

    Main Navigational Elements

    • The Front Page view; This is the page you see just after you login
    • Your own Home page; This is your own customizable space
    • The Course Page view; This main page of each of the Academy courses (you are currently viewing this)
    • The different types of Content (readings, interactivities, quizzes etc) that are embedded within a Course

    Further Points

    The "Step 1" block you are now reading is an example of a content block within a Course page. As mentioned above, in a regular course, this first step will typically introduce you to the key topics you need to master in the course, (your todo list if you wish).

    We next discuss the first two elements in our list: The front page and the home page. But before we get started, one more nagivation tip: Just to the right of the text you notice there is a checkbox. This is for you to keep track of which sections and activities you have covered.

    • Academy Manual (V1.1) File 264.1KB PDF document
  • Step 2: What exactly is a Course?

    Going over the Course structure

    The good news: We are already within a "Course View" as part of this CrashCourse and getting familiar with it. A Course is exactly this collection of views, activities and links that underping the learning of a particular subject. But we still need to learn some key facilities available within a Course.

    Course Characteristics

    "Courses" within the Academy are flexible "units of learning" (modules) that can deliver a rich and interactive online experience.

    There are many possible configurations. We have been going though a CrashProgram format, which is designed to be a quick and dense learning experience that can be concluded in one "seating".

    Another major course format is the "DeepDive". As the name suggests, this is a course format that helps you cover a significant amount of material. It will thus typically be completed over multiple sessions (e.g., over the period of a week).

  • Step 3: Content, Content, Content

    Review of main types of content

    In the third and final step we explore some of the core content types available in the academy. There is long list but for brevity in this demo we focus on some important and representative elements

    Key content types

    • Readings;
    • Interactivities;
    • Quizzes
  • Step 4: Tell us what you think!

    Evaluation Survey at the end of Course

    Now that you have completed the Academy Demo we would appreciate feedback on what you liked a lot and what you might have liked less!