Course Factsheet (IAD13025)

Ok! seems you are getting pretty good at clicking :-) We have reached the source of facts regarding the course. The factsheet is typically structured as follows:

Indicates Who This Course is For:

The course is useful to:

  • Anybody who has not had prior experience with eLearning in general and the Academy more specifically and intends to take some real course down the line

How Does The Course Help:

Mastering the course content will improve performance and skills in the following activities:

  • Recognizing the Academy site elements and their purpose
  • Being able to navigate quickly to the desired spot
  • Understand the intended "flow" of a typical course
  • Explore some of the cool means by which the Academy serves content

Indicates What You Will Get From The Course:

  • You will be able to confidently take an Academy course without being hindered by lack of familiarity with the interface
  • Upon completion you will be awarded an OpenRisk badge indicating basic competency in eLearning

Indicates the Course Level and Difficulty Level as in:

This course is an introductory non-technical course

The following table places the course in the OpenRisk skills diagram:

Course Level & Type
Introductory Level Core Level Advanced Level
Non-technical IAD13025

Indicates any Prerequisites:

  • You are lucky. This course does not have any prerequisites!

Indicates what the Course Material consists of:

The course material comprises of the following:

  • The Academy Manual
  • Selected readings from across the Academy site to familiarize with accessing resources
  • A mock lesson structure
  • An interactivity example
  • A quiz based on the course material

Indicates how the Course is Assessed:

The complete the course you need to:

  • Complete the quiz
  • Achieve as score of at least 50% in the quiz

Indicates Time Requirements and any Important Dates

  • The course requires a commitment of minimally two hours (not necessarily in one go)
  • Course starting date: Not applicable
  • Course completion date: Not applicable

Where To Get Help:

If you get stuck on any issue with the course or the Academy:

  • If the issue is related to the course topics / material, check in the first instance the Course Forum
  • If the issue is related the operation of the OpenRisk Academy check first the Academy FAQ. If the issue persists contact

Indicates Where To Go After This Course:

Upon completing this course you are ready to dive into any suitable content offered by the Academy, e.g.,

  • CrashCourses in various topics
  • Weekly courses digging deeper into various subjects

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