This is a collection of online courses covering general topics in financial literacy and risk management principles and tools
Crossword puzzles about sustainable finance, non-performing loans, fintech and cyber risk!

A quiz about financial regulation in the European Union. Test your knowledge about the diverse initiatives that are reshaping the financial landscape in Europe.

A visually pleasing logical decomposition of different risk types using the analogy of the periodic table. The app offers an interactive exploration of the risk profile of different business models

Representation of credit portfolio management as an information processing engine

In the Shortest Possible Course on Risk Management we try to condense in 15 intense minutes the essence of risk management!

The course is completely introductory and does not have any prerequisite except a clear and open mind!

Course Level and Type:

Introductory Level Core Level Advanced Level
Non-Technical Intro
A forum for risk management questions and answers. Nothing is too complicated or too simple!