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    9 Ways Graphs Show Up in Data Science (Blog Post)

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    A graph of graphs used in data science

    Graphs have a variety of distinct uses in data science. In this blog post we review various important graph types and sketch their linkages and relationships. The review provides an operational guide towards a better overall understanding of those powerful tools and potential uses in risk management

    Open Risk Academy 2021 User Feedback Survey

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    Dear Academy users, a very short survey about your experience so far to help us improve the platform. It is anonymous and should only take a couple of minutes from your time!

    New Course: Introduction to the EBA NPL Templates

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    The Open Risk Academy course NPL270672 is a CrashCourse introducing the EBA NPL Templates. We start with the motivation for the templates and the domain of credit data (to which NPL data belongs).

    We discuss three core classes that capture the essence of lending operations from a lenders point of view (Counterparty, Loan, Collateral). Next we explore classes that capture events in the lending relationship lifecycle (which we term NPL Scenarios).

    We look into the main data types: elementary data types, choice lists, arrays and unstructured text. We close with discussing some more complex issues involving graph and timeseries data.

    The course is useful to Developers, Data Scientists and Quantitative Risk Managers that want to work with the EBA NPL Templates. More details about the Course available here.

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    On Earth Day 2021 we are happy to launch Equinox, an open source platform supporting sustainable project finance

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    Earth Day was founded in 1970 as a day of education about environmental issues, and Earth Day 2021 occurs on Thursday, April 22 - the holiday's 51st anniversary. On Earth Day 2020, over 100 million people around the world observed the 50th anniversary in what is being referred to as the largest online mass mobilization in history. The Earth Day 2021 theme is Restore Our Earth.

    Celebrating this special occasion, we are today releasing a new tool towards Sustainable Finance. Equinox is an open source platform that supports risk management and reporting of Project Finance. The platform integrates geospatial information with applicable regulatory and industry standards from EBA, PCAF and Equator Principles to provide a holistic view of the footprint of both individual projects and portfolios of project finance investments.

    If you are interested to learn more about Equinox and sustainability in the context of Project Finance, the blog post explains more about the motivation and current functionality

    The source code is as always in the usual place


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    The Puzzle of Money (Global Money Week 2021)

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    The week of March 22 to 28 is Global Money Week. Global Money Week (GMW) in an international effort aimed at improving financial literacy of young people. The ultimate goal of the Campaign is to ensure that all children and youth have access to high-quality financial education, they learn about money matters and are able to take smart financial decisions that can improve their future financial resilience and financial well-being.

    Take care of yourself, take care of your money is the official theme of Global Money Week 2021. Open Risk is happy to join the effort towards greater financial literacy and the Open Risk Academy is one of our most important tools in this direction.

    What is money? After thousands of years philosophers and economists still debate about it and there are various theories of why it exists. Is it a puzzle? Try this crossword puzzle to figure it all out!

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    Marking Pi Day 2021 With a Raspberry Pi image for openNPL

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    Pi Day is celebrated every year on March 14th. The reason of course is that the day is denoted in some calendars as (3/14), which evokes of 3.14, the first three digits of “π”. A thin excuse maybe but sufficient for the true believers to join along!

    The occasion represents an annual opportunity for mathematics and science enthusiasts to recite the infinite charms of Pi, including its irrationality, to talk to friends and family about math and its uses, and, when everything else fails, simply eat pie.

    Marking this day is a regular feature also in the Open Risk calendar. Mathematics is of-course an essential element of Quantitative Risk Management but at a deeper level a rational, scientific, approach to managing risk would seem to be at least a necessary condition for sound risk management.

    You can read the rest of the blog post in the usual place but its not just warnings about the risks of excessive risk quantification!

    We took the opportunity to release on Pi Day a new image of the openNPL platfrom for managing loan portfolio data that is suitable to run on the... Raspberry Pi, the tiny but mighty hobbyist computer.

    Those familiar with the RPi and Docker can go directly to our docker hub and fetch the ARM/v7 image

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