Collection of General / Demonstration Courses

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This category demonstrates the Academy eLearning platform, enables users to sample a broader area of courses and trial out new technologies. Users can enroll and start a course at any time. Courses in this category is available to any registered user for free.

For the public beta testing period this category contains the CrashCourse Academy Demo. A short course that introduces users to the use of the Academy.

A brief introduction to the Open Source Manual

A brief overview of the Open Risk Academy offerings and suggestions on how to get started

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This crash course is an introduction to the main elements of an Academy course (it is a course about courses!).

The course takes around an hour to complete. It is recommended to new users that are not familiar with eLearning environments.

You can also use the course to test whether your can get full access to the academy courses using your particular device / browser.

Course Level and Type:

Introductory Level Core Level Advanced Level
Non-Technical DEMO
This course collects resources and activities to facilitate those involved in open source risk modelling projects.