New Course: Introduction to Semantic Python Tools

New Course: Introduction to Semantic Python Tools

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A new course is available at the Open Risk Academy (openly accessible) in the Data Science category: PYT26020, Overview of Python Semantic Web Tools

The course is for those interested in the overlap of Python with Semantic Web / Knowledge Graph technologies. It is a short CrashCourse format that covers a number of core frameworks / libraries such as rdflib / json-ld, owlready and pyshacl. A working installation / basic python knowledge is required. Semantic Data knowledge is not required (but is not provided beyond the bare essentials either)

As a realistic data set for illustrations and exercises we use a collection of information about European Credit Rating Agencies that is compiled into an OWL ontology.

Background domain knowledge about the Credit Ratings domain is available at the Open Risk Manual but is not really required for the course.

The data and code used in the course are available in our Github Repo

Enjoy, and as always we value your feedback on how to improve the Academy!

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