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Financial Competence Framework in Open Risk Manual and Academy

Financial Competence Framework in Open Risk Manual and Academy

by Ad Min -
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Dear Academy users,

if you are interested in financial competency frameworks (building capabilities and financial literacy) either as a learner or as a teacher, we've got good news! In 2021 the European Commission and the OECD-INFE (OECD International Network for Financial Education) started a collaboration to develop a joint EU/OECD-INFE financial competence frameworks for adults. The framework has been published earlier this year and we have started its integration into various Open Risk resources.

In the first instance the competence framework is integrated into the Open Risk Manual (here is the landing page) where it provides a taxonomy for classifying entries according to their relevance for financial literacy. In future work we also plan to integrate it here in the Academy where it can be used to good effect to structure learning plans that target this area.

Any comments, ideas, suggestions as always very welcome. If you have not joined the Open Risk Commons yet please consider doing so as it offers a more convenient platform to exchange ideas and further build out the community.