New season, new members and new Open Risk White Paper

New season, new members and new Open Risk White Paper

by Ad Min -
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Dear Academy users,

we are officially past the Fall Equinox for 2022 and the new season is in full swing. We have also reached a milestone of more than 1500 registered users on the site. A warm welcome to all new Open Risk Academy enthousiasts!

A new Open Risk White Paper that might be of interest to some of you focuses on sustainability accounting and in particular how to elevate the reporting of non-financial data to the same level of rigor offered by double-entry bookkeeping practices. The central design is the use of multidimensional double-entry bookkeeping which tracks additional quantitative information characterizing economic objects beyond their monetary values. This choice ensures the enforcement of both classic balance sheet constraints and the applicable energy conservation laws. The blog post has a summary overview, while the pdf is available here.


Pictogram of a balance, with an energy amount on the left and a monetary amount on the right