Find us on the open source Fediverse!

Find us on the open source Fediverse!

by Ad Min -
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A visual representation of the fediverse as a network of communicating servers

The fediverse is a neologism for a new generation of open source social networks that finds increasing adoption by users worldwide. 

Its defining feature is that it does not rely on a single centralized service but rather orchestrates (federates) communication across a (potentially) large number of servers that exchange data using a specific protocol (activityPub).

At Open Risk we are exploring the possibility of setting up such a federating server with focus on the subject matters of interest, though work currently underway may enable our Open Risk Commons to federate directly. 

In the meantime we have a fediverse account where we post occasional updates and promote our vision for open source and open data approaches to (sustainable) finance and risk management. 

Are you already on the fediverse or interested to explore this new universe of possibilities? You can readily open an account on an instance of your choice and connect with us there!