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PinnedNew course available: modelling credit contagion 0 Ad Min
PinnedJoin us for codeWeek EU 2019 chat session discussing open source risk models 0 Ad Min
PinnedA big thank you to the 500 registered members of the Open Risk Academy 0 Ad Min
PinnedFeedback on the Academy is greatly appreciated! 0 Ad Min
Why is risk so poorly defined? 0 Ad Min
Cyber Risk Category added to the Open Risk Manual 0 Ad Min
NACE Classification and EU Taxonomy added to the Manual 0 Ad Min
A new logo for the Open Risk Manual 0 Ad Min
A new quiz: EU Financial Regulations 0 Ad Min
New Data Science Course: Exploratory Data Analysis with Python 0 Ad Min
A visual overview of built-in python data types and structures 0 Ad Min
New Course: Introduction to Risk Data review 0 Ad Min
A detailed comparison of Python and R functionalities for data science 0 Ad Min
The Open Risk Manual is a great complement to the Academy 0 Ad Min
Celebrating Earth Day and the Year of the Periodic Table 0 Ad Min
Major upgrade of the platform and mobile access 0 Ad Min
Short Intro to Risk Management Updated for the Fall Season 0 Ad Min
Concentration Course Cycle being refreshed for the Fall period 0 Ad Min
The Periodic Table of Risk Elements 0 Ad Min
Social Login is now suspended 0 Ad Min
A new mini course added 0 Ad Min
Social login possibilities expanded 0 Ad Min
OpenCPM Course Cycle Released 0 Ad Min
Credit Concentration Cycle Released 0 Ad Min
Credit Concentration Course Testing Closed 0 Ad Min
Openning chat session for the course 15:00 GMT 0 Ad Min
Credit Concentration Course will formally open Monday 9th 0 Ad Min
New Course Testing - Week of March 9th 0 Ad Min
Still busy with upgrades 0 Ad Min
First ever Academy Badge awarded! 0 Ad Min
Two chat sessions for concentrations courses (Oct 7 - 13th) 0 Ad Min
Two OpenRisk Badges are now activated 0 Ad Min
Concentration Courses Trial Run Oct 7 - Oct 13 0 Ad Min